The Counterfeit Stones

Saturday 02 December 2017
Time: 20:00

Why pay a fortune to see ants in a stadium when for a fraction of the price you can get up close and smell the faking brilliance of the Counterfeit Stones.

Their latest shakedown, SATISFiCTION promises another night of pure, unadulterated Xerox-rock. Now in their 26th year, these pie-eyed pipers continue to deliver the best Rolling Stones’ “rusical ” on the circuit.  Packed with big hits, retro fashion, vintage guitars and a huge dollop of “Spinal Tap” humour, it’s SATIS-FiCTION guaranteed.  So “Come On”  all you Honky Tonks and Get Yer Doo Dahs Out !

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Image for The Counterfeit Stones