Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery

We are once again recruiting new members for the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery, set up to support Dorking Halls

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If you are interested in joining, please email your name and contact details to and a member of staff will contact you to set up your membership. Please quote 'Dorking Halls'.

Special Offer

Join for six months (£52) and pay by direct debit to receive four complimentary tickets for any cinema screening, plus two free tickets to selected live shows. Lottery members also receive an ongoing discount on all cinema tickets and selected live shows.

About The Lottery

Dorking Halls has joined forces with the Cash Bonanza Lottery to help generate vital funding to maintain and improve the facilities and services that we offer. The lottery is promoted by the Giant Cash Bonanza Society and provides much needed funds for a number of beneficiaries.

Although there are a number of good causes that benefit from the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery, all of the monies paid by you for your lottery numbers will, after the deduction of money for prizes in the Lottery and the reasonable expenses of administering it, be donated solely for the benefit of Dorking Halls.

For just £2 a week you can support the Giant Cash Bonanza lottery. A percentage of the proceeds from the Lottery subscriptions will support and improve the facilities within the venue and enable us to maintain and expand the range of services that we offer the local community.

Ten unique numbers are entered into the weekly draw and two unique numbers will be entered into the free monthly draws and the annual £10,000 jackpot draw. Your lottery numbers will be entered into the draws together with the lottery numbers of other supporters of Dorking Halls and the lottery numbers of the supporters of other beneficiaries.


£10,000 annual jackpot prize, plus 10 consolation prizes of £500

30 weekly cash prizes with a jackpot of £1,000

A monthly prize draw with prizes of:

2 x Individual Friends memberships
4 x pairs of cinema tickets
2 x pairs of Event Screening tickets (beg National Theatre, Royal Opera House, and many more)
2 x pairs tickets to selected live shows

Membership Fees

Monthly: £8.67
Quarterly: £26.00
Six monthly: £52.00
Annually: £104

(Minimum age: 16 years)

Free Prize Draw Information

To enter the Free Prize Draw please visit Dorking Halls and quote 'Free Prize Draw'. Maximum of two entries per person and four entries per household. You will be entered into the next monthly free prize draw.

Monthly Prize Draw Winners

March 2018 (winners currently being contacted)

Individual Friends Membership - G Roberts and Paul Magnus

Pair of cinema tickets - J Glover, K Bucknall, Graham Griffiths and Jason Bridges

Pair of tickets to an Event Screening -D McQue and Stewart

Pair of tickets to a live show -V Philips and Peter Metz

Cash Bonanza Weekly Winners

Drawn on Friday 15th June 2018

£1,000.00 Mr Jacob Armitage

£100.00 Mrs J Blake

£50.00 Maureen Poll
£50.00 Mr Philip Dyson
£50.00 James Bell
£50.00 Mrs R J Godrez

£25.00 Mr Guy Bartlett
£25.00 Mrs Dorothy Sheen
£25.00 Andrew Beaumont
£25.00 Mr G Lee

£10.00 Mrs Ca Wood
£10.00 Mrs M Colburn
£10.00 Mr R Beaumont
£10.00 Mr D A Robinson
£10.00 Miss Emma Giddings
£10.00 Jan Pickles
£10.00 Mr N A W Mills
£10.00 John Lowther
£10.00 Mr John Lenihan
£10.00 Mrs Judith Morris
£10.00 Mrs B Burke
£10.00 E Hinchliffe
£10.00 Miss Jeanette Devine
£10.00 Mr Roger Chambers
£10.00 Mr Paul Hopley
£10.00 Mrs N Gravett
£10.00 Mrs M McHenry
£10.00 Mr Ken Davy
£10.00 Mrs Kathy Cowell
£10.00 Mrs Brenda Small 

Annual Winners

(6th April 2018)

£10,000 P A JEFFRIES

£500 NEIL SCHOFIELD          
£500 MAUREEN KING          
£500 J DOWNES            
£500 ANDREW HARDMAN            
£500 E K BEAL       
£500 HELEN BESSELL        
£500 S TEMPLE       
£500 D G BARROWCLIFFE         
£500 C FORDER           
£500 P BRADLEY        

The Cash Bonanza Club lottery is a £1 weekly lottery which pays out £1,600 per week (see prize breakdown above). All monetary prizes can be won by any member from any beneficiary.

The Giant Cash Bonanza lottery is a £2 weekly lottery; £1 of which goes into the Cash Bonanza Club weekly lottery (see prizes above) and the other £1 goes into the end-of-year £10,000 draw which also has 10 runners-up prizes of £500 each. All monetary prizes cab be won by any member from any beneficiary.

The Giant Cash Bonanza Society, the society promoting the Giant Cash Bonanza Lottery, is licensed by the Gambling Commission 28662.

The member of the Giant Cash Bonanza Society who is designated as having responsibility within the society for the promotion of the lottery is:

Mr Gary Kershaw
The Giant Cash Bonanza Society
Cash Bonanza Club

Minimum age of entry is 16 years old.

If you require information about lotteries, please visit the Gambling Commission website at

If you need help or advice about problem gambling please visit

If you would like a list of rules and policies please write to:

The Giant Cash Bonanza Society
Cash Bonanza Club