Michael Portillo - Life: A Game Of Two Halves

Monday 04 December 2017
Time: 19:30

It took Michael Portillo little more than 10 years to get a seat in the  Commons and then rise in power and esteem to a point where he was a favoured leader of his party and possible future PM.  A track record like that suggests to many a privileged friend of the rich and famous . But since leaving the house a decade ago Michael has endeared himself to many with  his obvious respect for solid workmanship and creative  energy, as found in our great Victorian Railways,  and the daily toil of the working man. A historian at heart, he has used a victorian railway guide to take millions of viewers on a historical  voyage of discovery  throughout the UK ,Ireland ,the USA  and Europe. Listen to his extraordinary story, told with a light almost “stand up” touch,  and then feel free to question him about it.


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